Weight Loss in Winter

Maintaining your weight in Winter takes a lot of will-power. Why? Because our body needs extra fat in winter for warmth and energy. Besides, cold food and salad are not very appealing when you are already feeling cold so we tend to eat hot food with cream, cheese and lots of fatty stuff. Pastas, Noodles, Rice and Cakes are some of the comfort food we have in Winter to keep us warm. However, since they are high in carb, they make us put on weight.

We have some tips to help you lose weight in Winter or maintain all that weight you have lost in Summer.

1. Know what fats are good fats and which ones are bad, which carbs you can eat without putting on weight, how to count calories, etc. They are a foundation to healthy living and staying in shape all year round. Check out The Diet Solution Program to get answers for all the above questions and be slim and healthy in Winter, Summer and Autumn. At $47.00, it is a good investment to your long-term health and quality of your life.

2. Have high protein snacks and raw snacks which are both healthy and tasty during the day to keep you full for longer and help you eat less for dinner. When you are not hungry, you won’t be tempted.

3. Develop healthy eating habits, and stick to them. Have a lot of healthy soups rather than fatty foods like pasta, pizza and burgers.

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