How to do a raw food diet

Raw foods are foods that are usually consumed raw or 75% uncooked. Fruits and vegetables are two examples of raw foods. People who eat raw foods usually believe that living plants (vegetables, fruits, etc) should be eaten raw or cooked only lightly because they lose their nutrients and enzymes when cooked for a long time.

So if you are following a raw food diet (also known as the living food diet), should you stop cooking foods and start eating everything raw? The answer is No. As much as raw foods are claimed to have better health benefits than their cooked counterparts, not everything should be eaten raw. Most raw foods are very high in vitamins and minerals, but they do not have a lot of protein and iron as you would get in beans and meat.

There are many ways to preserve vitamins and nutrients in vegetables and fruits without eating them raw. You just need to be a bit more creative in the kitchen and follow great recipes for a raw food diet. For example, instead of eating fruits raw, you can make smoothies. Healthy smoothies not only keep you slim but also boost your engery. Learn the secrets to good health and safe weight loss found in the smoothie recipes in this 114 page ebook, Amazing Smoothies. Many of the recipes found in Amazing Smoothies contain MORE than five servings of vitamin packed fruits and vegetables.

It is also possible to make healthy snacks and biscuits for kids that are as healthy as plain raw vegetables and fruits. Because let’s face it, kds do not like to eat raw stuff but if you want them to eat healthy food, you have to be creative. By following nutritious and delicious recipes in 100 Healthy Raw Snacks and Treats, you can be sure your kids will enjoy the healthy treats and thank you for them. Chocolate Gogi Lemon Bar definitely sounds and tastes better than just a raw lemon.

So, what about lunch, dinner and main meals. Don’t worry, because there are raw food recipes for every type of meal to ensure you get health benefits of raw foods while still eating them unraw. Kristen Suzanne is an accomplished Raw food chef and former competitive bodybuilder. She has developed and tested 500 recipes in her own kitchen to show you how to do a raw food diet properly and correctly. Her raw foods ebooks prove that there are more to raw foods than just salads and fruit plates. They will take your raw lifestyle to the next level and you can still enjoy all the delicious foods without straving yourself with a carrot stick. Must have ebooks for everyone wanting to start a raw lifestyle or living on a raw food diet.

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