15 Quick and Easy Healthy Snack Ideas

Let’s face it; we usually do not spend as much time preparing snacks as we do with lunch and dinner. But this doesn’t mean that we should not eat healthy during these in-between meals.

To help you avoid unhealthy snacks, we provide a smorgasbord of tips on quick healthy snacks. So, read on…

1. Blender smoothies and drinks. Vegetables and fruits are the best health snacks, but some of us just don’t like munching carrots sticks no matter how good they are for our overall health. To make it easier to get these veggies and fruits down – make a juice or smoothie. Liquids are easier to swallow than solids.

2. Plain crackers with low-fat mayonnaise and celery. Spread the mayo and sprinkle with chopped celery. You can even use a spicy spread if that’s what you favor.

3. Fried bananas. Plantains are what we’re talking about here. Use palm oil or vegetable oil for a healthy recipe.

4. Tea with honey and corn muffin. Very filling and healthy.

5. Ripe papaya. You can add a bit of whip cream if you like, but a cup of diced, sweet papaya will be enough.

6. Tuna sandwich. You can use canned tuna (spicy or plain), mix it with mayonnaise, spread it on wheat bread and put a lettuce leaf on top.

7. Plain tortilla dipped in cream cheese. You can even sprinkle the dip with chili powder or add chopped celery or onions.

8. Pita with hummus dip. Tasty and doesn’t require much time preparing.

9. Whole grain rice cakes. A thin spread of jam or peanut butter will provide the flavor. One of the most favorite snacks for kids.

10. Cold cut party sandwiches. Choose low-sodium luncheon meat. Add some green leafy veggies and cut into small sizes for more enjoyable eating.

11. Boiled egg cut in half and spread with mustard. You can be more creative with this one. Just top the eggs with your favorite flavor (can be spicy or sour-sweet).

12. Wheat bread with grilled cheese. Add a slice of tomato or lettuce or both to complete the vitamin and mineral requirements.

13. Vegetable sticks with dip. You can opt for carrots, cucumber or baby corn or a combination of these three. A ranch or salsa dip will be best.

14. Tomato soup with oatmeal cookies. The difference in flavor will make them complement each other.

15. Plain yogurt with strawberries. Delicious and quick to prepare.

These healthy snack recipes are quick and easy to prepare. It also doesn’t hurt that they are some of the most nutritious snacks around.

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