10 Free iPhone Apps for Healthy Eating and Fitness

nutrition iQ
Want to eat smart? Take nutrition iQ with you wherever you go. Browse items to add to your personalized grocery list, and check items off as you shop. It’s a great way to stay organized and keep impulsive shopping habits in check.

Calorie Counter
MyNetDiary is the fastest, easiest, and smartest iPhone calorie counter. High-quality over 100,000 foods database with search-as-you-type magic lets you enter foods in seconds.


NutritionTips contains a rich collection of 500+ interesting and useful nutrition tips and nutritional health facts — concisely written for quick and easy review.

Shop to Lose
Eat healthfully and lose your weight, naturally. No calorie counting. Recommended by numerous health experts, PICKKA’s Shop to Lose helps you choose the right food every step of the way in the store or restaurant.

Shop Healthy!
Shop Healthy is the most comprehensive healthy grocery guide available. For the first time you can make healthy food choices while you shop for groceries. This app provides expert nutritional advice from Dr. Melina Jampolis, a medical doctor board certified in nutrition.

Diet2Go is a unique iPhone app that will help you lose weight like never before. With Diet2Go you’ll get access to the largest and constantly growing diet-plan collection for your iPhone.

Nourish Daily
Nourish Daily gives you individualized healthy daily menus, based on your gender, age, height and weight. Some features will be limited after one month.

Easy Diet App
With the Easy Diet App you will lose weight. This app includes a free 3 day diet meal plan. By following this 3 day diet plan exactly, you could lose up to 3 kg in just 3 days! It’s very easy to do, just eat exactly what the app tells you to.

Weight Mate
Want to keep track of your daily weight and BMI? Introducing Quickka Weight Mate! – an easy to use weight tracking application that lets you keep track of your weight and see it on a scrolling weight chart.

Ideal Weight computes the BMI – Body Mass Index. Based on the BMI, the program presents a range for the ideal weight or healthy weight for a person. The advantage of using BMI is that its calculation is simple, fast and requires no additional equipment. Just enter your height and weight.

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